Books and Major Online Projects (single-authored unless indicated)

Seeking Sanctuary: Crime, Mercy, and Politics in English Courts, 1400-1550 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming July 2017 – in press). McSheffrey, SS, cover
Sanctuary Seekers in England, 1380-1557 (2017) downloadable in MS Excel and pdf
Consistory: Testimony in the Late Medieval London Consistory Court, online at, 2008- Consistory bells
Marriage, Sex, and Civic Culture in Late Medieval London (Philadelphia:  University of Pennsylvania Press, Middle Ages Series, 2006).
Shannon McSheffrey and Norman Tanner, ed. and trans. Lollards of Coventry 1486-1522. Camden Fifth Series, vol. 23 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003).
Gender and Heresy: Women and Men in Lollard Communities, 1420-1530 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Middle Ages Series, 1995).
Love and Marriage in Late Medieval London, TEAMS Documents of Practice Series (Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 1995). 89 pp.

Articles and Essays

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